I just wanted to say many thanks for sorting Blue out last week. My mum said that your skills are like nothing she has seen before and actually thought initially that you would not be able to groom him. He now looks great and feels great, he must also feel so much better especially in this heat.

I will book him in every three months or so for you to work your magic again.

Miles Emmett

This was the second time we had Fab Felines groom our female Maine Coon, the first time one year ago, and it has lasted for all that time, due to the good advice Sarah gave us! Would definitely recommend.


Sarah came and groomed our Ginger male cat. It was his first groom and was carried out confidently and kindly. Really pleased, very little mess or bother!
Will definitely use again and happy to recommend!


Amazed Sarah from Fab Felines managed to groom our difficult little tabby so pleased, now she is completely knot free for Summer. Thank you Fab Felines

Terry and Mera

A very successful groom of our two Maine Coon kittens, Sarah took her time and put us and our cats at ease! Even our female who we thought was going to Be difficult turned out to be well behaved and easy to groom. Sarah is very experienced and passed on some great advice! Recommend

Paul & Gera

Never had my cat groomed before, and find it impossible to do it myself. Called in Sarah of Fab Felines, who managed to get rid of all the matts and dead hair without too much distress to my Cat. She is also passed on lots of helpful tips.


So glad we came upon the services of Fab Felines Mobile Cat Grooming, fantastic getting it done at home for us and the cats. So much bother transporting them somewhere, getting the cats, and us all hot and bothered! Took very little time and both cats were back doing what they love most, sleeping. Would highly recommend.

Betty & Alec

We were so worried about getting our nervous little rescue cat groomed, but no need Sarah handled her quickly anĀ£ professionally and it was all over very quickly.

It was much better done in our own home, definitely would use a mobile service again. Thank you Fab Felines.

Sheila & Frank

The first Cat Groomer we called in could not groom our cat but Sarah from Fab Felines got straight on with the job, no fuss no bother! I was so relieved as we did not want to go down the vet route. Thank you, would definitely recommend.


A Cat Groomer with plenty of experience with lots of good advice quite rare!

A lot more experience than previous Cat Groomers, and our cat took to her immediately this is also rare! She managed to remove the matts with very little effort and with no discomfort to our cat. Would definitely recommend.

Steve & Claire