This breed of cat comes in all colours and sizes the original being where the face is Flat but not squashed! The squashed face is referred to as an ‘Exotic’.

The Persian can be easy to groom or extremely difficult. Their coats are several layers thick and therefore need extra grooming, this can be helped by the right tools and the right diet.


The nails on a Persian should be checked regularly as they tend to grow round into the pad. This is common in older house Cats, and I am often called in to deal with this problem!


I do not believe in bathing cats unless absolutely necessary, all coats that moult are self cleaning!  If they get soiled in the hygiene area, that is the only area that needs to be washed!


As an experienced Cat Groomer I recommend having your Persian professionally groomed three times a year, beginning of Winter, end of Winter and the beginning of Summer.  The Summer one is the most important one, in order to clear all the dead hair so that your Cat can stay cool during the hottest months of the year!

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