This is the most popular breed of Cat in the Uk and Europe now.  It is a very large Cat and in some cases absolutely huge. The most amazing thing is that it is the original scaredy Cat, and therefore most of the time easy to groom!

The males are so scared that they freeze in fright and if quick you can manage to Carry out the grooming before his confidence returns.

They also have vastly different coats some thin and quite straggly and others very thick indeed! They all tend to knot in the same areas, haunches, underarms, and inner thighs, all areas very difficult to get to.

A good way to keep their coat under control is to have their under carriage clipped right back and their back thinned out. This allows the cat to stay cool and the coat free of matts.  This can be done twice a year.

Staying calm and quiet during the procedure is very important when grooming a Maine Coon, if you want to be successful!

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