FAB FELINES - A Cat Grooming Mobile Service By Sarah Fraser!

Fabulous Felines is a Mobile Cat Grooming Service covering a large area! Operating from Monday – Sunday, Evenings & Weekends

Let’s face it all Cats are Fabulous, from the Mog to The Main Coone they are ALL, Crazy, Clever (very), Cunning, Cuddly & Cute!

When I first started to groom Cats two decades ago they were either Persian cats or part Persian cat.  Now there are numerous breeds that I get to groom and enjoy!

The huge Main Coone, Turkish Van, Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, Norwegian Forest, Siberian Forest, Somali, Birman, Himalayan, British SH, Exotic SH, Balinese, Selkirk Rex, Javenese, Munchkin, Burmilla & Nebelung!

We are a nation of Cat Lovers and today it is more unusual for me to be called to a one Cat household, the norm has become the opposite, several cats rather than one!

The outcome has been that Cat Owners are finding it very difficult to keep their Feline Pet’s coat in beautiful condition, and that is where The Cat Groomer can be of great help!

The condition of a Cat’s coat depends on several factors, the main one NOT being grooming! When I am called in, I not only groom the coat but if the Cat Owner requires the knowledge to keep his Cat in a happy healthy condition, I will pass on all I have learned over the years inclusive in the one visit!

Specialising in the Awesome
“Maine Coon”!

Maine Coon Cat